About Us

In one of my trips to Ethiopia, my birth country, I visited an extended family-run leather workshop. I realized that throughout the years, they have perfected the leather workmanship. They create these beautiful genuine leather bags, expertly crafted from high-quality leather. I was inspired by their humbleness, work ethic, quality of bags and decided to join them and dedicate myself to promote our products.

Africa is a very attractive manufacturing destination as the cost of manufacturing elsewhere is becoming expensive.  Ethiopia has some of the largest sustainable cattle herds in the world and leather is readily available.  Several major-label designer bag manufacturers are producing their bags in Ethiopia, which has an abundant supply of raw materials versus rising costs elsewhere.  The leather bags end up in stores with hefty price tags.

When you are buying from S Designs, you receive excellent leather bag that would cost significantly more if you bought a comparable designer label.  Also, since we work directly with family member, you are also directly supporting small family-run industries.

At S Designs, we aim to bring you high-quality genuine leather products, well made, at an affordable price.